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I'd forgotten my post on this site and I hope all who have issues with Alpine will just hang in there, because they HAVE shipped me a new panel PLUS credited me with MORE than enough money to pay a Tech to install it. Although it took some persistence on my behalf, I was finally contacted by the right people at their company and they more than made this transaction a satisfactory one.

The unit is still operating as well as it did the day I had it professionally installed. I would like to take this moment to thank the upper echelon of Alpine's staff for the astute consideration they gave my case, as well as the "more than adequate" handling of a solution.

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I ordered and paid for a self-contained heat pump through Alpine and waited more than a month for delivery. The unit was heavily wrapped in plastic shrink-wrap and upon removal of such wrap, I found damage to the cardboard box which covered the top. After removing the box, I discovered the panel which protects the cooling coils appeared to have been bashed by perhaps a fork-lift. Some of the coils have been damaged, as result. I've concluded that whomever packaged my heat pump did so in a way to conceal the damage. When I notified Alpine, they offered to file a claim against the trucking company. I replied, "Trucking companies don't normally package the items shipped, do they?" Alpine then offered me $50 for the damage. I asked, "Is that fair? Will $50 pay for a new panel, shipping and installation?" They then countered with a $100 offer to which I asked the same questions. I haven't heard from them in 2 weeks!

These units are not cheap. I paid full price for a new one and received a "scratch-and-dent" instead. I highly suspect the heat pump was delivered to Alpine, then packaged with all other materials I ordered through them and it was at the Alpine facility that the unit was damaged. Alpine then packaged it in a way to conceal such damage so they could pass the blame elsewhere. This is not reputable. It's deceitful.

I would highly suggest anyone who is in the market for heating/cooling equipment look elsewhere rather than deal with Alpine Home Air Products.

Review about: Alpine Home Air Air Conditioner.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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Scottsdale, Arizona, United States #903629

When shipping furnaces and air conditioners, they can sometimes be damaged in transit. While we would like to be able to ship these items in crates it would add more than $100 to the cost of the product that would ultimately be passed to the consumer.

As an alternative, we use wood four-way pallets with heavy duty stretch wrap using machines that lock the unit to the pallet, cardboard, corner guards and no-stack cones. We never stack products and do not allow the freight carriers to do that. We have simple policies for resolving any issue with damage if it happens. Our customers have the option to receive a cash reimbursement for any dings or scratches or they can refuse the product at delivery.

We immediately ship a new product. We are one of the easiest companies to work with when it comes to damage.

I've been doing this for 10 years and I can guarantee you that there isn't a faster, less expensive solution than what we do.


Happened to me as well. Dented box with dented unit.

Lots of trouble working with this company. Maybe all they sell is "scratch & dents."


I doubt alpine shipped you out a damaged unit,why? Because the freight driver who picked it up wouldn't have accepted it,so guess what,the freight company damaged it during transit,its your fault for not refusing delivery....

to joe #1044082

How much of a douche are you joe?

Read the freaking complaint... It says the damage was done, then wrapped and packaged to conceal it.

These transfer trucks don't stick around to watch you open it and unwrap the entire unit. They drop it at the curb or by your home if you pay extra. An undamaged box, opened to inspect the seemingly unopened/brand new package contents, seems fine upon view, just as it should...

No one expects to unwrap the meticulously packaged contents to find it previously damaged then repackaged to conceal it. But hey, keep being a tool.


Hi again, James,

Thanks again for your feedback here, as well as your feedback on Yelp. We appreciate the amount of time you've taken to make your frustrations known.

Again, I'd really like the opportunity to resolve this issue with you. Please respond to any of the messages I've sent you, and I would be happy to help you.

Thank you!

Amelia V.

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